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Altex Energy Crude Oil Terminal

Lashburn, SK

The Lashburn Terminal is a state of the art, truck to rail crude oil transloading facility capable of loading out unit trains.  Product is trucked in from regional wells and is offloaded to the bulk storage tanks via the truck offloading rack.  Railcars are shuttled to the loading rack where an automated system routes and meters product into multiple railcars simultaneously.

A green field, multi-phase project that included preliminary and detailed design and engineering, regulatory approvals, procurement, construction management, and commissioning.


Overall Facility Capabilities

  • Facility throughput capacity: 88,000 barrels per day

  • Railcar loading capacity: 155/day (12 hr basis)

  • Truck receiving capacity: 480/day (24 hr basis)

  • Crude oil storage: 148,000 bbls

  • Rail yard storage capacity: 350 railcars

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