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Equipment Supply

Our equipment supply group works closely with our clients to ensure that all work scopes are executed efficiently, and on time.


We understand permitting, regulatory and supply chain constraints and work to create modular shop-built equipment packages that ship fully assembled, tested, and ready for installation.

We provide a collaborative effort between EPs, key vendors, and our engineering and design team to ensure your project has a seamless start-up. 

Our turn-key services include: 

  •  Contract / Vendor management

  •  Overall project management

  •  Managing stakeholders

  •  Installation 

  •  Commissioning and start-up support 

Design-Build Solution

With our Design-Build Solutions, we work closely with our clients to create equipment packages that are fully assembled, tested, and shipped to site. Some of these equipment packages are designed to be modular, shop-fabricated and ready for install, at site. 

Equipment supplied to date includes:

  •  Piping (piperacks, pumps, pipeline crossings, etc. )

  •  Structural steel 

  •  Buildings (MCC, E-House, site trailers, etc.) 

  •  Electrical & Instrumentation (cable trays, wires, PLC, etc.)

  •  Gangways, railcar platforms, loading arms, etc. 

  •  Tanks & storage solutions 

  •  Vapour recovery systems 

  •  Conveyor systems, including hoppers 

  •  Boiler systems, steam coils, compressors

  •  Metering systems, Coriolis systems

  •  Blending skids, truck shacksweigh systems, etc. 

  •  Fire suppression system & hydrants 

  •  LACT transloaders and portable skids

  •  Spill / containment systems (liners, walls, etc.)

We strive to be the most trusted equipment supplier in industry and will support your project every step along the way.

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