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Facilities Experience

Rail Rack

Our full-discipline team has worked with various clients to maximize existing facilities and to debottleneck MOC projects. 


Tri Innovations' technical team has worked on numerous scoping studies, debottlenecking and tie-in scopes, equipment packages and vendor coordination, to name a few. 

We are experts not only in the design of greenfield facilities, but also in the installation of new equipment to existing infrastructure; we offer turn-key options, offering only the best solutions for our clients. 


Through previous projects for various customers, and at multiple facilities across the world, Tri Innovations has the expertise required to design a wide range of fertilizer handling systems.


Whether it is the selection and design of a sulphur addition process, or fertilizer facility design and storage (solid or liquid form), we have the experience to help push your project forward.

Fuel Terminals

Our team of experienced engineers are well-versed in the latest technologies and design techniques for fuel terminals, and we use this knowledge to deliver effective and cost-efficient solutions for each project.


We take into consideration the unique requirements of each client, such as fuel storage capacity, product type, and regulatory requirements, to develop a customized design solution.

Oil and Gas

Tri innovations has engineered and designed truck loading and unloading facilities since 2004.  

Our team is highly familiar with liquid and solid commodities that use trucks, railcars, transloading techniques and loading systems for all commodities.


As a full service EPC with a specialty in Sulphur, Tri Innovations has the expertise across all disciplines to engineer sulphur handling solutions.  


Whether it is a terminal design for the reception and management of liquid and/or solid sulphur, to the selection and design of the forming process, or the design of storage and re-melting of solid bulk sulphur for long term pile management, Tri Innovations can assist you with your project by engineering the right solution to meet your needs.

Tri Innovations has extensive experience in designing and building oil and gas facilities that are safe, reliable, and efficient.


Our team of experienced engineers and designers are well-versed in the unique challenges and requirements of the oil and gas industry, and we utilize this knowledge to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of each project.


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