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Integrated Laser Scanning Services

HDS Laser Scanning

HDS (High Definition Survey) Laser Scanning is becoming the new industry standard as the most effective and accurate way to collect measurements in the field.  A stationary laser scanner collects data quickly and accurately with a large range of coverage.  The collected data creates a highly detailed "point cloud" that can imported directly into modelling and design programs.  Having access to complete and highly detailed site data early on in the design phase cuts down the number of site visits needed to validate designs, reduces human error, and ultimately results in a more efficient and cost effective process.

Tri Innovations integrates HDS laser scanning into the engineering, design, and construction management phases of a project.  The benefits of using laser scanning include: 

  • Time to scan is very quick, and depending on its site can typically be completed in 1-2 days

  • Overhead and inaccessible equipment can be measured without the need to scaffolding or lifting equipment, drastically decreasing safety risks

  • Scan can easily be tied into existing survey data

  • Once the scan is complete, accurate measurements of the site can be taken remotely which reduces the need for expensive trips to site

  • All equipment is scanned, reducing the chances of conflicts with new design

  • Designers and engineers can see a full 3D representation of the facility, allowing for more effective and space conscious designs

  • New design can be completed in the 3D scan model to give a complete visualization of existing and new equipment

  • 2 mm accuracy allows new equipment to be shop fabricated with the confidence that it will fit when delivered to site

  • Online tools are available for clients to view the 3D model without the needing to install additional software

  • Interfaces will all common CAD drafting software

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