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Maintenance Support

Our team can provide on-site maintenance support for our clients and existing infrastructure. We will work to identify efficiencies and equipment scheduling while we support you through your management of change program. Our leading process team and operations experts are able to evaluate overall equipment needs, retrofit opportunities and throughput expansions to deliver the best value for our clients. We will work with you and your site personnel to minimize downtime and maximize operability.

These scopes can typically include:

  •   Facility Tie-ins  

  •   Expansion Projects  ​

  •   Integration and MOC Programs 

    • Debottlenecking Studies ​

    • Piping and Equipment Pressure Re-Rating 

    • Equipment Modifications and Relocation 

    • Chemical Injection Packages 

    • Tank Farm / VRU Modifications

    • Integrity Evaluations 

    • Tank Transfer and Weigh Scales, etc.  

  •   Railway Track Inspection and Maintenance 

  •   Equipment Operation Manuals and Training Verification 


We will work with your team, vendors, and all stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition from home office engineering, to boots on the ground at site, to upkeep and maintenance of existing facilities. 

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