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Rail Engineering & Design

Proven Track Record - with Railways and Industry
Tri Innovations provides optimized rail designs to suit your project needs - and schedule

As a mid-size, full service engineering firm with decades of rail experience, we understand how your facility will interact with rail. We work to understand your needs, and with our deep understanding of Class 1 railway process and philosophy, will find you the best solution for effective operation at a low cost.

Our team can guide you through the railway approval process from conceptual design to construction, ensuring the success of your project.

  • Mainline Turnouts

  • Industrial Sidings

  • Storage Yards

  • Loading Facilities

  • Maintenance Facilities

  • Road Crossings & Bridges

  • Unit Train Facilities

  • Loop Track Facilities

Experienced with all types of rail projects
Class 1 Railway Approval Process

Effectively navigating the track design approval process is critical to avoiding delays and additional cost.

1. Railway Consultation

Tri Innovations consults with the railway on behalf of our clients to best understand the type of rail service and determine appropriate design specifications. We employ rail industry veterans with a deep understanding of Class 1 rail operations in all regions. Operations can dramatically impact site requirements including onsite storage, maximum track curvature, ballast depth and rail tie size.   We understand where deviations are allowable and how best to make your case.

Rail Facilities

In addition to rail design, Tri Innovations offers full discipline EPC service with expertise in rail and truck terminals. We understand how to build facilities that integrate rail to improve site efficiency and reduce cost.

Rail Design
Rail Engineering
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