Sulphur Handling Facility and Truck Offloading

This a greenfield facility designed for up to 4,400 tonnes/d of sulphur handling capacity, through the receipt of a mix of molten sulphur and crushed bulk sulphur. Upon receipt, the sulphur is remelted, stored, degassed, formed into solid bulk material, stockpiled, reclaimed, and loaded onto unit trains of 100 railcars.

Tri Innovations completed the FEED which included the development of a Class III Capital Cost Estimate in Q4 2019 and is presently executing the detailed engineering, design and procurement phase of the project with expectation to proceed into construction and commissioning support in 2021.

Tri Innovations scope included:

  • Molten sulphur truck offloading stations

  • Crushed bulk sulphur storage, remelter, pumping facilities, and sulphur filters

  • Molten sulphur storage tanks

  • Degassing units to reduce the H2S content

  • Oxidizer and boiler unit to generate the required steam

  • Sulphur forming units

  • Formed sulphur storage building complete with portal reclaimer

  • Extensive conveyor system with a rail loading system complete with dust suppression

  • Railcar bulk loading

  • Rail loading track expansion

  • Water storage pond and stormwater pond complete with water filtration package

  • Fire water system

Sulphur Handling 2.jpg