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Transportation Expertise

Tri Innovations has industry leading expertise in many facets of the transportation industry. Our engineering project experience includes not only railway engineering and track design, but also facility upgrades and expansions for fuel terminals and truck loading and unloading stations. We have designed trucking stations for a variety of bulk (liquid and solid) commodities.  

Rail Engineering and Design 

Tri Innovations has a working relationship with Class 1 rail companies.


We provide industrial track design for new and existing clients who wish to connect their terminals to key rail networks.


Our team will leverage our familiarity with navigating approval processes to provide optimal value to our clients.

Truck Loading / Unloading

Tri innovations has engineered and designed truck loading and unloading facilities since 2004.  

Our team is highly familiar with liquid and solid commodities that use trucks, railcars, transloading techniques and loading systems for all commodities.

We have designed a variety of loading and unloading work scopes for our clients for products that include sulphur (liquid and solid), fertilizers,  ammonia, and a large range of NGLs, crude and biofuel commodities.

We are industry leaders in identifying loading and unloading solutions for our clients, providing fit-for-purpose options with your facility and operability at the forefront of design. 

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