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Truck Loading and Unloading Expertise

Tri Innovations provides loading and unloading solutions, with operability and facility layout at the forefront of design. Our team has experience across a diverse range of projects, but our main areas of expertise are product storage and handling facilities that focus on truck and railcar loading/offloading capabilities.

Having worked with a variety of bulk and liquid products including gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel, heavy crude oil, light crude oil, condensate, propane, sulphur, and sulphuric acid, our experience is second-to-none.


Our full discipline team has in-depth industry knowledge in all aspects of facility design and execution including front end engineering design (FEED), detailed engineering, procurement, construction management, and commissioning. 


Tri Innovations has designed a number of fixed rail transloading terminals and mobile transloaders across Canada. 


Projects have included: 

  •  Truck loading and unloading 

    • ​Sulphur (​solids and liquids)

    • Ammonia, diesel/biodiesel, butane, ethanol, gasoline, NGLs, propane

    • Agriculture products (fertilizer, grain, oats/flour, etc.)

    • Industrial products (cement, potash, produced water, sand, etc.) 

  •  Transloading

    • Portable rail to truck 

    • Truck receiving and metering stations

  •  Conveyor systems with rail loading components

  •  Extension of rail loading racks

  •  Liquid separation facilities 

  •  Metering facilities

  •  Fuel distribution terminals

  •  Loading pumps, associated buildings and infrastructure

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