Agricultural Services

At Tri Innovations, we know that agriculture is a tough business, and every small improvement has a material impact on your operational efficiency and profitability. By leveraging the fit-for-purpose technologies and value engineering we can optimize throughput, minimize losses and spillage, and enhance overall productivity, to support your agricultural operation.

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Sector Expertise

Bulk solids handling

With precision engineering, we design and develop robust systems for the efficient storage, conveying, and processing of bulk agricultural materials.

Sulphur forming / pelletization

Our specialized processes and equipment for the precise formation and pelletization of sulphur ensure optimal handling, storage, and application in agricultural practices. This enhances crop yields and soil health while minimizing environmental impact.

Sulphur block remediation

We use advanced engineering techniques and innovative solutions to locate and then dissolve, disperse, or remove sulphur blockages in agricultural equipment and systems.

Helping Drive Your Success

Specializing in bulk material handling, fertilizer plant design, construction, and operation, and all elements of rail handling and operations, Tri Innovations can optimize operations, improve logistics, and minimize environmental impacts on your farm and agribusiness.

We offer fit-for-purpose technologies and value engineering with the goal of solving your problem.

We help you implement our robust systems for storage, conveying, and processing of agricultural material. We also work with you to improve commodity delivery, minimize costs in storage and transportation, and support environmental sustainability projects.

We ensure seamless operations and enhanced productivity.

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Tri Innovations is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Our central office, the heart of our operations and source of our innovative engineering solutions, is located at 734 7 Ave SW #400, Calgary, AB, T2P 3P8.

Tri Innovations offers comprehensive engineering services across multiple disciplines: Process, Mechanical, Structural, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls, and Rail Engineering. Our ability to manage projects from concept to construction with a single point of contact streamlines communication and efficiency–a benefit our clients often highlight.

While we handle a broad range of projects, Tri Innovations has developed a niche in the Transportation sector, with a focus on rail design and loading/unloading operations. This focus allows us to provide both bespoke and standardized solutions that cater specifically to our clients’ site needs.

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