Sulphur Handling – Feed To Construction

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Sulphur Handling – Feed To Construction

Tri Innovations embarked on a start to finish engineering and construction package for a large sulphur handling facility. Designed for a handling capacity of up to 4,400 tonnes per day, this greenfield sulphur handling facility processes both molten and crushed bulk sulphur. Equipped with advanced components like offloading stations, storage and remelting units, and degassing systems, the facility ensures efficient sulphur processing. The facility also boasts an extensive conveyor system leading to a dust-suppressed rail loading system for 100-car unit trains, alongside essential environmental and safety installations such as water storage and stormwater management systems. Tri was responsible for this from the successful completion of FEED leading to detailed design, then procurement, and construction phases were finalized in 2022.

Detailed Scope

  • Engineering and Design: Executed FEED and detailed engineering to establish the facility’s layout and operational systems. This included the design of key components such as degassing units and the steam generation system to ensure operational efficacy.
  • Procurement Strategy: Managed procurement processes, overseeing the selection and timely acquisition of essential materials and equipment.
  • Construction Support: Provided comprehensive construction oversight, ensuring that the assembly of facility components adhered to the detailed designs and safety protocols. This included on-site coordination with construction teams to facilitate seamless execution.
  • Project Management: Oversaw the project from initial design through to completion, focusing on efficiency, cost control, and schedule management. This involved regular stakeholder engagement and proactive risk management to ensure success.


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