Refinery – Conceptual Rail Package

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Refinery – Conceptual Rail Package

Successfully navigated the initial stages of establishing a new refinery in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan. The project, set to start with a capacity of 30,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD) and with the potential for expansion to 85,000 BPD, represented a significant step towards energy innovation in the region. In collaboration with a local entity, the initiative included the development of a shared railyard to not only serve the refinery’s logistical needs but also to support the adjacent development.

Leveraging Tri Innovations’ proven expertise in rail infrastructure design, the challenge was to seamlessly merge the refinery’s rail requirements into an already conceptualized framework, aiming for a harmonized layout that promised efficiency and synergy between the two operations.

Detailed Scope

  • Unified Operational Analysis: Reviewed and synthesized the rail and operational requirements of Eagles Ledge with those of the neighbouring development, ensuring a cohesive strategy.
  • Integrated Rail Layout Design: Crafted a comprehensive rail layout, detailing alignments, connections, and a robust operational plan to accommodate both current and anticipated rail traffic seamlessly.
  • Operational Strategy Formulation: Developed a streamlined operational plan to align with the logistical demands of both parties, ensuring efficient and coordinated rail movements.
  • Design and Capacity Verification: Performed a detailed design review, including process flow diagrams, to validate the loading/unloading systems’ capacity and track design adequacy.
  • Rail Infrastructure Visualization: Produced a precise CAD-rendered sketch of the proposed integrated rail yard, ready for stakeholder review and collaborative refinement.


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