Fuel Terminal – Optimization

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Fuel Terminal – Optimization

Tri Innovations successfully delivered an Optimization Study for a fuel Terminal, located in the key industrial hub near Ashcroft, BC. The project elevated the terminal’s capabilities, enhancing its operational efficiency and extending its transloading services to include dyed gasoline and biodiesel blends. The strategic initiative not only propelled Ashcroft’s infrastructure forward but also supported their commitment to broadening their service offerings to meet dynamic market demands.

Emphasizing sustainability, our approach enabled the option to adopt environmentally friendlier fuel alternatives, marking a significant contribution to eco-conscious industry practices. The study entailed the meticulous planning and execution of storage and blending solutions that were both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. This alignment of economic objectives with ecological sensibilities showcased Tri Innovations’ role in championing innovation that drives industry growth while conscientiously reducing environmental impacts.

Detailed Scope

  • System Retrofitting: Evaluated and adapted the existing diesel dye system for dyed gasoline use, including reprogramming modifications.
  • Biofuel Process Integration: Analyzed and implemented HDRD or FAME blending into the diesel transloading process, detailing requirements for new storage tank locations, size, and system adjustments.
  • Storage Upgrade: Assessed storage needs for ethanol, premium products, and biofuels, deciding between containment walls and double-walled tanks based on environmental and operational criteria.
  • Power System Expansion: Reviewed the terminal’s existing power setup and engineered enhancements to handle the new and upgraded systems.


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