Cooling Tower Study

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Cooling Tower Study

Tri Innovations successfully undertook a Pre-FEED study for a Nitrogen Plant, aimed at enhancing the glycol cooling system through the integration of a trim cooler unit. This initiative was projected to reduce the cooling burden on the aging wet-type cooler units, thereby refining the cooling process and expanding the system’s lifespan. Our approach was grounded in rigorous process evaluation, through Hysys simulation, ensuring the new unit was adeptly sized to meet the plant’s demands.

The study underscored a significant improvement in efficiency by rerouting 50% of the glycol flow through the new air cooler, cutting down the heat load on existing units by 25%. This strategy was designed to optimize resource usage and minimize environmental impact, with a keen focus on operational cost savings, particularly in cooler ambient temperatures where water and chemical use could be drastically reduced.

Detailed Scope

Process Simulation: Conducted precise HYSYS simulation to understand the overall heat load of their facility, and develop an overall requirement and efficiency calculation

Strategic Planning and Drafting for System Optimization: Developed a comprehensive strategy for rerouting glycol flow, with a focus on potential locations for the new air cooler to enhance the efficiency and service life of the cooling system.

Environmental and Operational Impact Evaluation: Assessed the environmental and operational implications of the proposed upgrade, emphasizing the reduction in resource consumption and its positive impact on operational expenditure.

Financial Analysis: Gathered quotations and provided a cost estimate to determine the overall Return on Investment (ROI).


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