Midstream – MOC Projects

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Midstream – MOC Projects

Tri Innovations proudly completed various scopes for the Quirk Creek Facility. The project, centered around a vintage sour gas plant near Bragg Creek, Alberta, involved various upgrades including piping replacement, instrumentation upgrades, equipment replacement, and other small yet vital scopes. The successful execution of the Quirk Creek MOC support project was marked by our team’s extensive experience in navigating the intricacies of working in older facilities. Their knowledge was crucial navigating the technical and logistical challenges encountered during the project.

Detailed Scope

  • Piping Replacement: Updating and replacing existing piping systems as part of the plant’s refurbishment and modernization. This allowed us to remove several problematic valves, and have a system with less restrictive throughput.
  • Instrumentation Upgrades: Enhancing the plant’s instrumentation for improved control and efficiency.
  • Equipment Replacement: Substituting old equipment with new, more efficient machinery to improve overall plant performance and overall reliability. Updating Existing Drawings: Many of the existing drawings and datasheets were not representative of the system. These were updated and put into new formats.


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